Top 10 digital magazines for outdoors people

Top 10 digital magazines for outdoors peopleLove to be outside? With our list of the top 10 most popular digital magazine subscriptions for outdoors people outdoor inspiration is only a click away! All of these titles are downloadable to your iPad, iPhone and Android device.

1. Urban Garden: Do you live in the city, but still want to grow your own food? Then this digital download is right for you. Learn all about home food production written by and for growers.

2. Homes on the Water: Most of us would love to live on the water. Whether you already live in one, are planning to build one, or just like to dream, this digital magazine subscription will inspire you to create your own home on the water.

3. The Field: You don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy this digital magazine. Whether you shoot with a bow and arrow or with a camera, this publication will bring you closer to the land.

4. Windsurfing: Regardless of skill level, this digital subscription will give you a complete intro into the exciting sport of windsurfing.

5. Yachting World: Check out the world’s oldest sailing magazine in its digital form. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get the most out of yachting.

6. Sport Diver: Certified scuba divers and diving enthusiasts don’t want to miss out on this digital magazine. Up to date diving news, new regulations, underwater images and equipment reviews will be downloaded right to your iPad, iPhone, Android or PC each month.

7. Outside: How could we complete a top 10 outdoor list without Outdoor digital magazine? This one is for active people who are interested in adventure travel.

8. Australia’s Surfing Life: Get your action and adventure fix with this gem, all while becoming the best surfer you can be!

9. Triathlete: Stay up to date with the most current info regarding triathletes. This digital subscription has everything from training guidelines to product and athlete reviews.

10. Mountain Biking UK: Everything you love about riding a mountain bike all rolled into one easily downloaded digital magazine! Get out there and enjoy riding.


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