Top 10 Esquire Articles Ever

When a magazine has been as popular for as long as Esquire has you know that it must be something special. Since it started back in 1933 it has entertained, moved and shocked us with some of the best pieces of journalism ever written.

By looking through the online archives you can discover some of the best articles which have enthralled readers over the years. Here are the top 10 Esquire articles so far, covering subjects from sports to wars and to singing stars with the cold.

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold

This piece was written by Gay Talese in 1966 and makes for wonderful reading whether you are a fan of Old Blue Eyes or not. It is brilliantly atmospheric and it almost makes the reader believe that they are sitting in a bar in 1960s Los Angeles with a brooding Sinatra nursing a dripping nose and a cough.

The School

C.J. Chivers brought us this article in 2006.It covers the story of Chechen terrorism in Russia in a matter of fact way which brings home how wars and terrorism affect the lives of ordinary people like you and me.

Secrets of the Little Blue Box

Back in 1971 Ron Rosenbaum wrote one of the top 10 Esquire articles of all time. It is about phone hacking and was ahead of its time when it was published. Heck, it still amazes even today.

Superman Comes to the Supermarket

Norman Mailer is our next author, and this article came out in Esquire magazine in November of 1960. It is all about John F Kennedy and is said to be Mailer’s first attempt at political journalism. It turned out he wasn’t too bad at it, was he?

What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?

The late Richard Ben Cramer wrote this 1986 sports piece. It might be about sports but it packs in a lot of humour and some great insights into it as well.

Can You Say…Hero?

Ton Junod is the supplier of the words for this 1998 classic about Fred Rogers. As well as being one of the top 10 Esquire articles ever published it also had an excerpt from it included in the magazine’s own list of its 70 greatest sentences ever (it’s a very long sentence).

The Last American Hero is Junior Johnson. Yes!

Tom Wolfe produced this 1965 article which covers driving fast cars in the South, good old boys, adverts for grits and a whole lot more besides. It is an exciting read from a writer who went on to make a big name for himself.


This pithily titled article by John Sack saw the light of day in 1966. It is about a group of US soldiers getting ready to go over to Vietnam to get involved in the war.

The Falling Man

This is another Tom Junod effort, this time from 2003. It looks at the disturbing but gripping tale of the people who chose to leap from the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The Things That Carried Him

Chris Jones is behind this 2008 article about a solider coming home from Iraq to the US to get buried. It is the most modern example of the top 10 Esquire articles on our list and well worth checking out.


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