Top 10 selling iPad Magazines right now – Get ’em whilst they’re hot!

Top 10 iPad magazines right now – that’s right, a top ten list, everyone has one apart from us here at Find Digital Magazines – and we know everyone loves them…! The list isn’t quite as I expected, I expected some of the other titles such as National Geographic, Cosmopolitan or even Hello! Magazine, they are the ones that seem to have some of the most advertising. So here they are..

As this page is constantly changing, we’ve moved the page here:
Top Selling iPad Magazines RIGHT NOW

Let us know what you think, we’re on twitter here finddigitalmags – so please give us some feedback, what iPad magazines have you bought recently, anything that you would like to mention, perhaps an underrated magazine you’ve been reading for years?

Thanks for taking the time to head over here, it’s always appreciated.

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