Top digital magazines for fitness freaks (iPad Magazines, Mac, PC & Android)

top digital magazines  for fitnessClose on the heels of the obesity epidemic is the fitness epidemic. More and more of us are learning that we’ve got to take better care of our bodies; we only get one! The best place to start doing that is with a healthy diet and a suitable fitness regime. We’ve got tons of iPad compatible digital magazine subscriptions that cover every aspect of fitness. Here are a few of our favorites to help you narrow down your search.

1. Exercise for Men Only: The World Natural Bodybuilding Federation brings this digital magazine to men that want to keep healthy and groomed. From calisthenics to martial arts, nutrition to clothing, this is the go to guide for everything fitness.

2. Runners World: Get motivated to run with this top UK fitness magazine. Inspiration and education, all rolled into one. Your performance goals are more achievable than you think with this popular digital guide on your side.

3. Mountain Bike Rider: Going to the gym not your thing? Then why not give mountain biking a try instead! Get location reviews, informative articles, equipment advice and more inside each issue.

4. Inside Triathlon: If your fitness goals exceed those of normal digital publications, maybe you could train for a triathlon instead! With this digital magazine subscription you could make that dream a reality in no time. Get training tips, clear objectives and workouts that develop different abilities.

5. Men’s Fitness: If the optimistic approach works better for you, give this digital magazine a try. Not only will your fitness increase, but you’ll also receive tips for living a more enjoyable and successful life overall.


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