Top digital magazines for the adventurous

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top-digital-magazines-for-the-adventerousAre you a thrill seeker? An adrenaline junkie? An adventurous spirit? Then check out this list of our top 5 favorite digital magazine subscriptions for your iPad, iPhone, Android or PC.

1. Getaway: What’s more adventurous than traveling to Africa? This digital magazine focuses on adventure travel to the motherland. You’re sure to be inspired!

2. Wilderness: New Zealand’s wilderness is brought right into your home inside this digital publication. Learn about the many adventurous ways to explore New Zealand including by foot, bike, kayak, raft or horse.

3. International Tattoo Art: Being adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean exerting yourself physically. How about getting a tattoo instead? With this digital magazine you’ll have plenty of designs to choose from.

4. Earth Magazine: Find out what’s out there in our great wide world that still needs to be conquered. This digital subscription is sure to give you a host of new adventure ideas.

5. Backpacker: If you’re passionate about adventure, hiking and the wilderness, a digital magazine subscription to Backpacker is right up your alley. Find out about unexplored areas, what kind of gear will be best for you, even how to hike faster and farther without getting tired.

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