Top iPad & digital magazines for business people

Top digital magazines for business peopleIn this cut-throat business world we live and work in today, even a small advantage can mean the difference between success and failure. With our helpful list of the top digital magazines for business people that you can download right to your iPad, Android, iPhone or PC, you may just get the edge that you need to keep ahead. Our full list can be found in the Business section.

1. Management Today: Get a leg up on the competition with this digital magazine subscription for business people that are interested in management positions. Each issue delivers management tips, business news, market analysis and more. Everything you need to start succeeding is just a click away.

2. Outlook Profit: Follow the stock market with cutting edge research and undercover intelligence. This digital magazine is geared towards serious investors. You’ll learn money management tips, where to invest your money for the best payout, and even some real estate hints.

3. How to set up an online business: The title says it all! This digital publication will get you started in the online business world; a vastly growing market. From set up to follow through, this digital guide will get you on the path to success.

4. Business Traveller: A must have for any corporate travellers! Learn the insider tips on travelling more efficiently, cheaply, and effectively. From airports and hotels to restaurants and entertainment, make sure you’ve read this digital magazine before taking your next business trip.

5. Bloomberg Businessweek: Make better business (and personal!) finance decisions by following this digital magazine’s insider advice and detailed analysis reports.

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