Top iPad magazines and digital magazines for techies

top digital magazines for techiesFor all of us techies out there we’ve compiled a list of some of the best digital magazine subscriptions available for downloading to a PC, Android, iPad or iPhone. Start getting the most out of your gadgets and make sure you know about emerging technologies before any of your friends.

1. The Ultimate Blackberry Guide: Learn everything about your Blackberry with this digital guide. After reading, you’ll know the best software, how to develop apps, what it takes to sync your accounts and much more.

2. Connected World: Keep on top of the emerging trends of today’s up and coming technology with this digital magazine subscription. You’ll never be in the dark about the innovations of the future again!

3. Linux Manual: Get the most out of Linux, a free operating system geared towards multi-media users with this handy manual that is full of tutorials. Whether you are already using Linux, or thinking about switching over, this guide is a must have.

4. The Independent Guide to the iPhone 4: The techies at MacUser have outdone themselves with this digital guide to anything and everything iPhone 4. It consists of a how to guide and an in depth section of app reviews.

5. PC World: Gain confidence for your journey down the path of technology with a digital magazine subscription to this beloved techie magazine. It covers everything from iPads and mp3 players to PCs and TVs.


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