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Looking for something that will help catch you up on the happenings in Turkey? Check out current events and recent news in top digital magazines.

In the US version of the early June Bloomberg Businessweek, the global economics section covers freedom of speech and journalistic jailings in Turkey. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, “Since 2012…Turkey has been at the top of the list of countries with the most jailed journalists. On June 3 they drove Turkey’s benchmark stock index down 10.5 percent—the most in more than a decade.”

Not interested in the latest from Bloomberg? How about a related article from The Economist? In their most recent article about Turkey, the issues between Turkey and Syria are identified and outlined with a bit of an eye toward the source of their troubles (Democrat or Sultan?).

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The Economist June

Political News and Current Events

If Global News and the economy are not to your taste, there are plenty of alternatives in the world of politics and current events. From the latest in gun control and the related subject of mental health, comes an issue of Newsweek Magazine.

In this latest issue of Newsweek Magazine, gun control is discussed as it relates to some of America’s cities.

The additional piece to the gun control puzzle is the mental health issue. The May-June Issue of Mother Jones highlights a particular story about schizophrenia as it strikes close to the Newtown CT shootings. While these are only a few of the topics on hand this first half of June, the subject matter is timely and informative. Keep up with current events with these top magazines for the intellectual reader looking for the difficult answers amidst the chaos of the 24 hour news cycle.

What other magazines fit into this category? Where do you go for the intellectual, thought provoking news story with an international perspective?

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