Top Tattoo Digital Magazines – Top Five!

inked magazineIf you have tattoos, love them, want one or just like looking at them on other people, you’ve got to check out our collection of tattoo digital magazine subscriptions! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. International Tattoo Art: This digital publication offers both high quality pictures of tattoos and flash, but also substantial writing and in depth articles. Make sure you stay in the loop with International Tattoo Art and you’ll always know who’s who in the world of tattooing.

2. Skin Deep Tattoos: Get inspired and informed with one of the most popular digital tattooing magazines out there. Along with showcasing the artwork of people like you and me, they also feature tattooed celebrities and bands.

3. Inked: This digital edition of Inked magazine has the tattooed pop culture and music scene covered. Read interviews with those giving and receiving tattoos and get ideas for your next piece from the beautiful photos.

4. Inked Girls: Hot girls sporting hot tattoos; what more could you ask for? Whether you’re looking for an inspiring design or are just ordering to ogle, this digital magazine subscription is a must have.

5. Tattoo Collection: Each issue of this digital magazine boasts over 300 tattoos which makes it the largest and most thorough tattoo magazine around! Find out what the international buzz is about and start your digital subscription today.

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