What is an Ultrabook? PCWorld Digital Magazine Explains

This week in PC World Magazine we are looking at the amazing ‘ultrabook revolution’ – laptops are undergoing a massive and radical change, with the latest releases of ultrabooks pushing the boundaries of technological efficiency and design.

What is an Ultrabook? PCWorld iPad Magazine Explains

Major IT manufacturers have finally decided to complete their market offering with Ultrabooks. Apple did this a long time ago at almost 4 years ago with the truly amazing result of the MacBook Air.

What is the difference between an Ultrabook and a Laptop or a Netbook? An Ultrabook is a 2, 3 or 4 times thinner than a laptop, often using a new processor from Intel such as the Intel Ultrabook (TM), which is up to 10 times faster than an Intel Pentium for example and is built especially for Ultrabook’s and has a more attractive design.

An Ultrabook is basically a thinner and more powerful laptop. Using faster and smaller processors but also built to consume less power. Batteries can last between 8-10 hours, with almost instant restarts on power up.

At first glance, Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba are very similar. With a closer look you can see different materials used as well as differing setups or power and processing. Technical configuration is now more important than ever to the consumer. All the top four manufacturers have used the aluminum casing as styled originally by Apple. Acer and Toshiba choose to use more accessible materials for keyboard and innards – this way offering much lower prices. Lenovo remains focused on the standard business design, wheras Asus have gone with an effective polished aluminum interior style modern design.

To beat the classic laptop, the ultrabook relies not only on the image, but also on performance. But is that enough? It took four years to Apple to get to the Macbook Air. It is clear now that the Ultrabooks has started a revolution in a tech world dominated by notebooks until recently, but this slim and agile platform promises more. Read more about it in this issue of PCWorld, which is now available as an iPad magazine and a digital magazine subscription.

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