When she wants you to fake it. Couples advice in Men’s Health

What is a normal life for a couple? The answers may vary, but one thing is certain: communication, compromise, conflict situations and the “sweet” reconciliation are components of the couple. In reality, what you see in couples with longevity is the result of many negotiations and compromises.

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For example: Perhaps, for your sake, for a time, he will neglect his friends because you do not like them, but don’t imagine that he would be happier in this situation in long run. Even if their fun is to drink beer until they fall under the table… even if you don’t like it and don’t laugh at their jokes – from time to time it’s ok to pretend that you love to go fishing with them; do not ask him to stop and give up on his pleasures. He did not ask you to give up on your friends, right? But at the same time, there will be many situations where you think you are right in a discussion with him.

Sometimes you are right but in some cases you are wrong, but whoever owns the solution, you have to learn to say, “Yeah, you’re right!” Couple must learn how to let go and understand that this is the way to make their partner feel good. The rule is valid for him, so he learns to accept your opinions too. The greatest enemy of compromise is thinking “all or nothing”. Unfortunately, many cases do not allow middle ground solutions. Whatever the duration of the relationship, each couple makes daily compromises. This great attitude leads the relationship forward.

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