Why choose a digital magazine subscription over buying a single issue?

try-a-digital-magazine-subscriptionSome people find themselves wondering what the advantages to buying a full digital magazine subscription are versus buying a single issue. We can help you answer that! For starters, YOU’LL SAVE MONEY. That’s always important, right? Buying digital magazines is already tons cheaper than buying print editions; and guess what? Buying in bulk, i.e. a full subscription, is cheaper than buying singles!

Money savings not enough to convince you? How about convenience? I bet we’ve got your attention now! Sure, buying a single digital issue will be quick and can instantly be downloaded to your iPad or Android device, but if you’re going to be doing this every month (or every week in some cases!) it makes more sense to just set it and forget it. Buying a full digital subscription will ensure you never forget to download a single edition again.

If both of those great reasons haven’t made up your mind, we’ve got one more for you… Speed! As each new digital issue becomes available, often days to weeks faster than the print edition will reach newsstands, it will be automatically downloaded to the device of your choice. These usually consist of iPads, Macs, PCs, iPhones or Androids. How cool is that? Choosing to buy issues one at a time works, but you never really know when it has become available unless you are checking in every day.

So there! Buy a digital magazine subscription today and save yourself the hassle and money of buying single issues.

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