Why digital magazines are here to stay!

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digital-magazines-are-here-to-stayDigital magazine subscriptions that can be downloaded to your iPad, iPhone, Android device or PC are increasing in popularity at a very fast pace. The print magazine industry is experiencing nearly zero growth. However, the digital magazine market continues to grow by as much as 25-40% per market period! Why is that? Well, there are many contributing factors, but first and foremost we are becoming more and more reliant on technology. In this fast paced world speed and convenience are major driving forces.

Digital magazines are both quickly accessible via download and convenient because they go everywhere you go without you having to carry anything extra. The “go green” trend is becoming a way of life, and will continue to do so in the coming years. We are more aware of the deforestation and pollution that is caused by paper mills used by print magazine publishers. The environmentally friendly digital approach leaves no mark on the earth. Due to the reduction in costs when printing and distributing are removed from the equation, these digital subscriptions are offered at huge discounts off the newsstand price.

Along with the great discounts and minimal carbon footprint, you get a lot of extras when purchasing a digital magazine subscription. The digital format allows for hyperlinks, embedded videos, sound and much more. So get used to it, enjoy it, and join the digital club. This isn’t just a passing trend!

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