Why I love digital magazines

ipad magazine subscriptionsOk, I’m a little biased, but it has to be said that I really do think digital magazines are awesomely great – not that I don’t have a few gripes now and again, like any other bit of software / devices / tech… but fundamentally I do, really, really love the electronic editions of the magazines.

Now, I’ll be honest – before I bought my iPad however long it was ago, I only really subscribed to a couple of magazines, and the only actual printed magazine I still buy now is a title that’s still unavailable (so far) as a digital edition. I do still love printed magazines, the smell, the feel, the tangibility of it all – but I don’t miss lugging it round all day long in my bag for a quick glimpse now and again.

So, the thing – more than anything I like the most is the sheer effortless way of carrying round a big ol’ stack of reading material I can pick from on my journey to and from work, sheer brilliance. To be able to read a couple of articles in one magazine and then quickly flip to a totally different magazine and regain my interest again is just awesome – sometimes I just don’t want to read a whole title back to back.. I’m pretty fickle – and have a short attention span, so all good to me!

Why I love them: Great selection available, loads of titles on your device at the same time, MUCH cheaper than printed editions, No trees die in the making of your monthly subscriptions.

Moral of the story – go try out a few titles, you can pick up them up to almost next to nothing, so you literally have nothing to lose. Go try them today – you won’t be dissapointed!

Have a great weekend – I’m on a long trip all weekend so will be catching up on my own reading. Awesome.

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