How do I buy magazines on iPad?

View our rangeQ. How do I buy magazines on iPad? A. Easily, that’s how!
I noticed this being searched in the last few days, so thought I would spend a couple of minutes talking about it. So, in answer to the question asking the best way to buy magazines for the iPad I would say:

1. Have a look through our website and find a iPad magazines you would like to download, or an iPad magazine subscription you are interested in.
2. Click through, sign up and download the ipad magazine application as the prompts suggest.
3. Your magazine will now download straight to your iPad or device.
4. Put the kettle on, your feet on you desk and enjoy your new magazine, and when it’s time to leave work, you’ll be able to keep reading it on the way home. Perfect!

Have a look through some of the iPad magazines below to get started!