iPad Magazine Subscriptions

We have some of the worlds best iPad Magazine Subscriptions right here for you to download directly to your iPad. In fact, we’re confident that if you find an iPad magazine subscription you’re interested in you can be reading the actual magazine on your iPad quicker than it takes you to read this page… literally takes just a couple of minutes! Depending on your internet connection speed will vary your download time, but on a standard connection it takes just one or two minutes to download a big image heavy title like National Geographic. You won’t be disappointed, a digital iPad subscription is WAY cheaper than the same in printed form, and you get bags of value rom just the fact that you don’t have to lug around magazines with you the whole time. Just the small weight of your iPad with access to a least a squillion magazine subscriptions. Buy a single issue or subscription to a full annual sub – either way you’ll have you’re favourite ipad magazine in your hands quicker than you expected. Whatever you download – let us know, tell us what you loved reading over the last week and we’ll give you a shout out via our twitter feed! People love to hear what others are reading, so get involved!