365 Earrings iPad Magazine for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

365 Earrings Digital MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingFor the love of volume 1, go get Vol. 2 of 365 Earrings, if for nothing else, the resplendent designs that come from mainly DIY routines. Whether what turns you on is Bohemian humbleness or sophisticated styles, this is the hub to come to each month for representative ornamental techniques. Not only can one go an extra mile to make a jewelry factory at home by making wires oneself on which to hang the pearls, but can tone things by knowing how to match jewelry to your face type. There are simple guides that follow a technique from the beginning to the end with a selection of photographs on the side to keep the explanations meaningful. Other traditional requirements of design from applying ink to stitching are also in full coverage in this magazine. 365 Earrings now vaunts a full-scale online website where you can find supplemental information, news on the niche, and even gain access to the collection of previous issues.

365 Earrings has now gone digital where you can subscribe for a single issue of the publication for $7.95 in the home country of the United States. Read 365 Earrings on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or Android subscription.

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