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3D Artist Magazine iPad and Digital SubscriptionWho has not seen the movie Transformers and Avatar? Practically everyone on earth who has access to a movie theater, DVD or computerCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar has seen those epic movies. They were extremely popular and gained a lot of attention because of the 3D animations done in the scenes. Which also brings us to favorite children’s movies like Finding Nemo, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, Toy Story, How To Train Your Dragon, and the most recent – Brave. All these movies have one thing in common. They are all result of 3D animation. 21st century’s byline is 3D. It is behind almost every movies, cartoons, TV shows, everything! It is no surprise that many people wanted to learn about it, as it is a very good career, and can be a great source of income. Even if you have no interest in making it a career, learning 3D can be of big advantage as you can easily create interesting concepts for school work or company presentations using your 3D skill. If you want to learn about 3D software, watch tutorials, gain advice and be inspired, you can turn to the digital version of 3D Artist Magazine. By digitally subscribing to the magazine, you can have it installed and accessed in your iPad, Android, iOS, AIR, WEB OS and RIM devices, and always be updated on what is the latest thing about 3D.
3D Artist for iPad is a great digital magazine for professionals and freelancers alike. Its featured tutorials on various techniques utilized by 3D professionals can give you valuable insights and much needed skills, and you also get to learn the latest projects many freelancers and studios are working on. 3D Artist Digital takes you not just in the world of movies, but also in architecture, TV programs and concept art. So whether you are taking baby steps or major leaps into 3D animation, you will truly benefit from 3D Artist Digital Magazine.


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