Analog Science Fiction and Fact iPad Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Analog Science Fiction Digital EditionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingFrom publisher Dell Magazines sprouts Analog Science Fiction and Fact, which owns the crown for the most long-serving sci-fi journal in history, for it began publication in 1929. It has repeatedly recycled its very current name with the 1960s editions appearing with the epithet ‘Fact’ ahead of ‘Fiction’ as the reverse is true today. Other names with generic difference to the current have also reared their heads including the very first Depression-era edition called Astounding Stories. Facts aside, the journal has an enduring mix of fiction, science, editorials and reviews, all finding resolution in being accentuated scientific facts. Due to its representative stories and authoritative presentation of detail, the magazine has since received Nebula and Hugo recognition, these being some of the best accolades among sci-fi awards. Analog Science Fiction has an online version that teems with interactive cosmic data gathered from eighty years back since the inaugural edition. Indeed, finding what is golden in sci-fi can never get closer than this publication.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact has gone digital and is offering a discounted subscription service. Save 14 percent off the standard price and also avail 10 editions at $29.90. Access it on the iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.

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