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Android Magazine Digital Magazine Subscription DownloadDo you remember when cell phones were the size of a block of cheese? What about floppy discs? Here’s one: Do you remember anything beforeCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar email? Technology is advancing quickly. Now cell phones are thinner than a deck of cards, floppy discs have long-since been relegated to the old-timers museum and email is a more common form of communication than the postal service! It seems like the cell phone companies are releasing a new version of every phone before the original has time to settle on the store shelves and each new version has more features, apps and functions. Before we know it our cell phones will be cooking us breakfast in bed!

If you feel a little behind the times or you’re a tech-lover and want to know about the next biggest thing before it becomes the next biggest thing, Android Magazine should be on your virtual book shelf! Android magazine is devoted to, you guessed it, all things Android. From the newest features to the most popular apps you’ll find everything you need to know about your phone in this magazine.

Each issue is filled with tips and articles that feature the latest and greatest in cell phone technology. Go behind the scenes with insiders and find how the basics of running apps and programs on your phone. With 12 issues per year available for download on your Android phone (of course), iPhone, and computer, you’ll never be stuck staring at your phone in utter frustration, and you’ll be in the loop on the most recent news in the industry. This magazine is perfect for newbies and veterans alike.


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