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Archeaology Magazine iPad Digital Magazine Subscription and DownloadIf the past fascinates you and you prefer reading about the people and the towns that existed before us, you’ll love Archaeology magazine.Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar Archaeology magazine is dedicated to the interests of those who love studying ancient life and learning from history. In each issue of Archaeology magazine you’ll find in-depth, reliable reporting about the latest news in ancient history. With reports from shipwrecks, the desert and underground digs you’ll never get bored reading this ‘old’ news.

You’ll learn about everything archaeological from language and culture to home life and ancient artwork. You’ll get behind the scene looks at the work and life of those who embark on a life of discovery by looking to the past. Enjoy amazing photography and first looks at some of the newest discoveries.

Are you interested in learning about people of the past? You can learn more about famous outlaws, foreign leaders, and other famous dead people in Archaeology magazine. You’ll be among the first to hear about new and rare finds all over the world. With each issue you can delve into the lives or today’s explorers and discover with them.

If you dream of traveling around the world to look at ruins and study different cultures, you can get your first glimpse of exotic locals and interesting places to visit in Archaeology magazine. With amazing photography, you’ll have a hard time putting down the magazine, stepping out of your daydream and getting back to the present day!

Archaeology magazine is available in print or by download to your computer, Android phone or iPad. With your digital copy you can explore the newest discoveries anywhere you go. Never miss another breaking discovery.

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