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Architectural Digest iPad Digital MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingArchitectural Digest is the Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollarpremier design bible in the world, bringing to the fore the masterful creations of the finest architects and interior designers. It remains to be the authority in setting the touchstone for living the high life. You will find a treasure trove of tips and advice on stuffs to buy, where to buy, things to see and experience, places to visit and the who’s who in the dynamic multidimensional world of design spanning the globe.

Opening the pages of an issue of the magazine is like opening the door to an exquisite home and exploring its intricate designs. The door you are opening could be that of a California vineyard home, a Manhattan townhouse teeming with art, or a contemporary abode in Japan.

Read by close to five million affluent, cosmopolitan and cultured readers, Architectural Digest is without a doubt the world’s foremost authority in the realm of design. Its readers have an eye for tasteful designs – whether they see it in a piece of furniture, a house or in how space is used. With this refined discernment, they look for striking images and enlightening write-ups on exceptional architecture and interior design. As if the insights on interior design and architecture were not enough, this monthly chic magazine also writes about jewelry design, travel, electronics and automobile design.

Subscription for Architectural Digest is now available in digital format available for download on various platforms including iPad, Android, PC and Mac. Doing so can save you 58% off the newsstand price.

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