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Armchair General Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarArmchair General Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingunveils history and contemporary events in a new way without sacrificing integrity and credibility. Principal historians and contributors can attest to that. Historical stories span as far back from the military coups of George Washington to the career of Napoleon up to the relatively more recent war in Iraq.

Military aficionados, students and war gamers will enjoy reading this military magazine. The variety in format ensures that they will not get bored to death with history. There are long as well as short articles, maps, photos and photographic recreations, but every item is filled with details about military leaders, campaigns, weapons and other related topics. Gamers will look forward to Game Buzz, which highlights fresh titles for gamers, Wargame Review, Video Game Review, Book Reviews and many more.

The publication presents a one-of-a-kind editorial that leaves it to the reader to determine how to dispute the historical course of events by leading them to identify with the battlefield commander and think as if he is the military head himself, whether a general at headquarters or a platoon leader in the field, called for duty to make the crucial decision. Readers would want to also read the next issue as the follow-up of such interactive feature will be presented. This also includes snippets of respondents.


Armchair General is a bi-monthly magazine which can be digitally downloaded through various platforms including iPad, Android, Mac and PC.

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