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Audobon iPad MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarAudubon is theCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling National Audubon Society’s official publication and provides coverage on news relating to the natural world. It keeps its readers abreast of what’s new in matters concerning conservation and the natural environmental. An issue of the magazine is a collection of insightful articles, astonishing photos, maps and graphics that aid the readers in grasping the value of nature, wildlife and keeping the natural environment clean. Discussions include the latest in research and breakthroughs relating to natural history, endangered species and the relationship of man with the world.

The pages of Audubon take you to the outdoors to watch, understand and appreciate nature, particularly focusing on birds and wildlife and their natural environment. Such new-found knowledge and appreciation binds human beings to nature, making the publication true to its promise in its tagline “Connecting People with Nature. This connection, as a consequence, engender people to protect and preserve nature. The tips the publication offers on how to live clean and green for the environment make the invoked protective sentiment for the natural world more actionable.

You may be locked up and comfortably nestled in your favorite chair in your living room, but with the magazine’s graphic pictures of nature and arresting words that spring to life, it is as good as going on a nature trip without leaving home. A must read for every nature-lover. But it is also for those who have yet to develop their love for and understanding of nature.

Audubon can be digitally subscribed using iPad, Android, Mac and PC.


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