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baku digital magazine ipad magazines subscriptionBaku International Digital & iPad Magazine Subscription – Baku International, a Eurasian lifestyle and cultural quarterly named for theCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar capital city of Azerbaijan, has decided to go international and digital. The original print version was launched in Russia in 2007 and was also named Baku. The President of Azerbaijan’s daughter, Leyla Aliyeva, is the editor in chief and has felt strongly about bringing readers Baku International. In fact, it can be delivered right to your computer, iPad or Android gadget anywhere around the world in the form of a digital magazine subscription. Baku International is made up of stunning visuals, contemporary fashion and art, international culture and more. Inside each of the four digital issues you’ll read articles like “Berlin Special: Three young artists go Deutsch,” “Pop Goes the Artist: We sent an Englishman, his spray paints and stencils to Baku. What happened next?” “Take Me to the Boulevard: A Caspian love story,” and “Valentino: Interview with the dynamic design duo.” Get in the know and get involved with this international sensation and you’ll always have your fingers on the pulse of this hidden world.

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