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bbc focus magazine ipad digital magazine subscriptionBBC Focus Magazine iPad and Digital Magazine Subscription & download. If you’re interested in everything from the astonishing to theCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar odd, you’re sure to be a fan of the BBC’s Focus magazine! This science and technology related publication covers all aspects. Aimed at the general reader, you’ll appreciate this magazine whether or not you already have a working knowledge of science.

Regular content includes features like “Update” where you’ll get all the latest science and technology news, “MegaPixel” which features amazing photographs, mathematical puzzles, quizzes and crosswords, “Letters to the Editor,” and “The Guide” where you’ll read reviews on books, movies, exhibits and events.

Interesting articles include titles such as “Who Owns Space?” which explores reasons you should stake your claim on a cosmic plot now and “The Future of Holidays” in which you’ll see some possibilities of vacationing in the year 2050 including ocean-floor hotels, airship cruises and day trips to space! Also delve into ideas like “Why Cash will Disappear” and “Catching Cancer: Could Vaccines Prevent Cancer?”

Explore theories, discover scientific phenomena and start bringing science to life in your home. Give your brain a work-out and begin your Focus digital magazine subscription today! This subscription consists of one issue that is viewable on your PC, Mac, Android and iPad.

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