Beadwork iPad Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac, and PC

Beadwork Digital MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingIf there is a magazine that deserves the term ‘innovation just gone a notch higher,’ it is Beadwork, which teaches all things patterns in jewelry. As either an ornament connoisseur or starter, you are likely to be at home with every issue either for the confirmation of masterly in your technique, getting first-hand knowledge about a new pattern, or just for mere colorful photography of amazing beadwork. There is a month-by-month theme that the magazine strives to maintain. The current edition, for example, comes with twenty-four ideas for making ornaments with beads. Past issues have leaned to, among other topics, the first works by the magazine’s select design team including Diane Fitzgerald. As if this is not reassuring enough for those who qualm the intricacy of traditional techniques like spikes, there are also do-it-yourself sections where avante garde techniques are also welcome.  Indeed, it is not impossible to be beading every day, as the necklace and the bangle has gone online in n archive that enlists all past designs and adds new ones for trials by first-timers and old masters alike.

The beading does not stop soon, as Beadwork magazine has gone digital with a virtual subscription alongside. While saving 44% off the standard price, you also avail 6 copies for the price of $19.99. Learn more about bead styles via an iPhone magazine subscription, iPad, PC subscription, Mac and Android.

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