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Summer is drawing to a close, which means it is time to start planning for back-to-school schedules, activities, clothes, and supplies. Starting a new routine doesn’t have to be stressful; listed below are five terrific magazines that feature articles, tips, and hints designed to ease your anxiety and to help you and your child have a positive and fun start to the new school year. From starting a new breakfast routine to finding the best school supplies, these magazines have it covered.

Parenting Magazine: School Years

This spin off of “Parenting Magazine” has great in-depth articles dedicated to parenting through the school years. “Parenting Magazine School Years” as a trusted source of in-depth articles written by professionals. From pre-K to college bound, you’ll find great back-to-school advice in both editions of this fine magazine, such as:

  • Parenting School Years and Back to School MagazinesSuper-Cool School Supplies
  • Best Backpacks for Kids
  • Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes
  • 10 Money-Saving Shopping Tips
  • The Best Coupon Websites
  • Notebooks, Lunchboxes, Binders and More
  • Study Space Essentials
  • Discipline tips from teachers
  • How to tell if your child is too sick to go to school
  • School safety
  • Talking to your child about school tragedies in the news
  • Healthy eating at school

Good Housekeeping

Parents have relied on this magazine for many years to provide top-notch advice about home, family, and school. Good Housekeeping has articles about planning healthy lunches, finding school clothes and supplies that won’t break the budget, and school safety issues. You’ll find tips about buying much needed supplies that aren’t always on your child’s school list—supplies that will make their transition to a new routine easier and more enjoyable. And it’s always a good idea to check out whether or not products have been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The magazine has been awarding this seal for more than 100 years; if you purchase any product that bears the “Good Housekeeping” seal, you will get a full refund or free replacements for any defective products within two years of the original purchase date. Definitely something to consider before you purchase the pricier back-to-school necessities, such as a computer or printer.

  • Good Housekeeping and Back to School MagazinesBest Backpacks
  • Lunchboxes They’ll Love
  • Top-Rated Laptops
  • Grade-A Gear
  • The Secret to Better Grades
  • 52 Home-Organizing Tips
  • Back -to -School : Tricks, Tips, and Tactics
  • 125 Ways to Be a Better Parent
  • Back-to-School Shopping Lists


Parents have been reading Redbook Magazine since 1903 and finding great advice about family life, including back-to-school planning tips and tricks. Their advice about the best apps for school sports and activities management is not to be missed. Other topics covered by “Redbook” include:

  • Redbook Magazine and Back to School MagazinesThe 31 Best Back-to-School Tips for 2013
  • Cure The Back -To -School Blues
  • Back -to -School Fashion
  • The 10 Best Back-to-School Lunchboxes

Working Mother

As the title suggests, this magazine is geared towards moms who work outside of the home. But don’t let the magazine’s title put you off; your title or occupation doesn’t matter—this magazine is simply a great source for any parent who wants to save time and money, or just needs advice about how to balance home and school life for everyone in the family. Check it out for articles about:

  • Working Mother and Back to School MagazinesSchool vaccinations
  • Supplies
  • Volunteering at your child’s school
  • Creating a car pool schedule
  • How to help your child transition from elementary to middle school
  • Handling open house night and PTA meetings

Family Circle

Family Circle Magazine covers a wide range of subject matter every month. It’s a great resource for back-to-school advice and for articles dealing with on-going school issues like how to help your child handle bullies at school. Other topics covered in Family Circle include:

  • Family Circle Magazine and Back to School MagazinesAthletic training in schools
  • Easy bag lunches
  • Nutritious after school snacks
  • School safety
  • Your child and social media
  • Planning calendars
  • Best educational apps

Let’s face it, you and your family will soon need to establish a completely new fall routine—earlier breakfasts, bagged school lunches, homework and after school schedules, and of course, a new bedtime curfew and routine. Whether you want reviews about the latest apps, or how to handle open house night, you’re bound to find the answers and advice you are seeking from any or all of these magazines.

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