Bloomberg Businessweek Aug-Sept Digital Magazine

Bloomberg Businessweek Aug/Sept Digital MagazineThe latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine features a profile on Steve Case. Find out how the check-price-dollarman behind the check-price-sterlingcontroversial AOL/Time Warner merger is bringing Washington together as a White house adviser. In global economics, Bloomberg Businessweek is covering the effects of the violence in Egypt on investors, Moscow’s mayoral election, and new trading routes between Korea and Europe. In politics and policy, the latest news on the possible major airlines merger, taking marijuana detection out of drug dog training, and the public prayer debate in the Supreme Court. In technology, find out about a security system that can sync with your smartphone and how fingerprint identification may be coming to the iOS. Finally in markets and finance, what rising home and stock prices mean for the Obama administration. All this and more available now from the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine.

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