Bound By Ink Tattoo Magazine for iPad and Digital Subscription

bound by ink ipad magazine digital subscriptionBound By Ink Tattoo Magazine for iPad and digital magazine subscription – The folks at Source Interlink Media have publishedCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar another winner with Bound By Ink digital magazine, now available for direct download to your Mac, PC, iPad and Android devices for 69% off the newsstand price. This digital publication is dedicated to tattoo artists, tattoos, the ink lifestyle, tattoo events and show coverage and stunning photography.There has always been a lifestyle associated with tattoos. As they become more popular and more socially acceptable, stereotypes are falling away and people are taking the time to look farther than skin deep. Bound By Ink celebrates the numerous lifestyles that inked people live and explores the ties between those groups that truly bind those people by their ink.

This digital subscription is a newcomer to the world of tattoo magazines, and is well on its way to becoming number one. With Bound By Ink, you can stay on top of the latest tattooing news, get ideas for your next piece, check out the highlights from the latest tattoo conventions, explore the ties between people with ink or just drool over the hot tatted models. What more could you ask for?

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