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British Heritage MagazineBritish Heritage pays tribute to the rich history Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingand culture and fascinating travel and modern life in the three principalities of Great Britain – England, Wales and Scotland. This 6-issue magazine is a must-read for people planning to do some travel there and for anyone who loves everything British.

People traveling to Great Britain will find this magazine handy as each issue features interesting things to see and do, enchanting British places to visit and helpful directions to get there. Your trip there will become more meaningful as you get to know the history behind the places you go to. You may also get valuable insights on great places to stay and other information that may be missed even by seasoned travelers.

If you have a fascination for this historic land but are not visiting the Queen and beloved Britain anytime soon, you can still get acquainted with the British way of life, thanks to British Heritage. No plane or planned travel may take you now, but this should not stop your powerful imagination, aided by the vivid descriptions of the places in the magazine, from mentally paying the land of royalty a visit.

British Heritage is now available online, and talking about heritage and the past, you can also get access to past issues as they are also available for download. Save 17% off the standard price and enjoy British Heritage by reading it via iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC subscriptions.

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