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Cardmaking & Papercraft Digital MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCardmaking & Papercraft is Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollarthe top card-making publication in the UK, supplying stampers an unending flux of card-making ideas. Each issue of the mag is a valuable cache of the finest techniques, intricate step-by-step guides, indispensable tips and advice from leading experts.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran stamper, Cardmaking & Papercraft has something in store for you. The combination of attainable projects on paper-craft and card-making, ranging from easy, quick makes to the complicated and ambitious, will surely make you busy, creative and productive. The magazine also highlights stamping but stamping techniques may not always be in all projects. The how-to features of the mag is perfect for people who want to acquire new techniques.

Regular features also include reviews, news, stories from readers as well as answers to questions from readers. The publication also allots space for readers to exhibit the work they have completed and submitted. Take note that Cardmaking & Papercraft is a UK publication, thus, the adverts, measurements and other information included have UK orientation.

Cardmaking & Papercraft is available in 13 issues a year and can be digitally downloaded through various platforms including iPad, Mac, Android and PC. Digitally subscribe to the magazine and enjoy 47% off the Newsstand price.

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