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Catalan International View ipad magazine subscription and digital editionCatalan International View iPad & Digital Magazine Subscription – If you’re looking for a European review of the world we live in, go no furtherCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar than the Catalan International View. Subscribe to this digital magazine subscription and you’ll always have the latest issues close at hand. This unique publication seeks the keys that could help us better understand the planet we live on. Their search stems from Catalunya, a European nation on the Mediterranean. This magazine’s goal has been stated as being “outlined by the former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Anan when he referred to the necessity to know how to love what we are without hating what we are not.”
Although the Catalan International View does not seek to inform readers of the goings on in Catalunya, they do seek to offer a Catalan perspective on international analysis. They aren’t trying to be pretentious and say they are discovering and interpreting the world, but they can offer to give readers a new way to view the globe and the interconnected world we all live in. The magazine revolves around three main points: politics, economy and environment. Through this magazine they hope to discuss the deeper sides of questions, and plan to “look for shades of gray far from dogmatic truths and fundamentalisms… we seek reason and truth from all sides, so long as they are based on common concepts of democracy, liberty and respect for human rights.” Enjoy your journey!

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