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Cigar Aficionado iPad Magazine SubscriptionYears ago, television commercials formed a concept for a successful man. Rugged looks, nice car (or beautiful horse), a stunning lady by theCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar side, a glass of wine and a cigarette stick on the table. That was most men’s concept of the good life. There are perhaps a few changes to that ideal today, but the glass of great wine and good cigar has never disappeared. Cigar smoking can be associated to many things, but those largely depend on what kind of cigar you are smoking. There are people who smoke the standard-quality cigarette that is mass produced around the world, and there are those who consider smoking one of the luxuries in life and entitle themselves to smoking only the best quality cigars. If you would like to learn about those kinds of people, or improve your knowledge about cigarettes, or you are interested in articles about good life and smoking, Cigar Aficionado Magazine is for you.

Cigar Aficionado Magazine is for those who seek and understand the pleasures of a good life. It is a magazine for the classy soul who wanted to expand his knowledge not just about cigars but also about life in general. Though originally available in print, Cigar Aficionado Magazine is now also available in digital edition and you can subscribe to it digitally to have it easily accessed in your iPad, Android, iOS, AIR, WEB OS and RIM devices.
Cigar Aficionado’s Digital Magazine’s issues provide great reviews of different smokes, and then rate it from zero to one hundred. This method is very effective for readers to easily understand since a rating of 85 above usually guarantee the cigar is of good quality. Its reviews are clear and detailed, providing the readers with knowledge about the cigar’s notes, size and price. But Cigar Aficionado Magazine for iPad is more than a cigarette magazine. It is a lifestyle magazine as it incorporates other elements into the magazine. Sections on wine and food, travel, sports, cars and style are part of its wide genre of articles. So if you are looking for a great coffee table magazine, one that you are likely to pick up again and again for a good read, then Cigar Aficionado Magazine for Digital is what you are looking for.


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