Civil War Times Digital, Ipad, Android, PC, Mac Subscription

Civil War Times Digital, Ipad, Android, PC, Mac SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCivil War Times records Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingbattles, biographies of war personages and eyewitness narrations, making it without a doubt the magazine for history buffs. It recounts American history with particular focus on the most legendary internal struggle of the Land of the Free. Action-packed, monumental and deadly. No wonder the American Civil War is a momentous part of the country’s rich past. The reader will not just read about it, period photos, insightful book reviews and travel guides will make his trip to the past a more evocative experience.

Just because it covers the past does not mean it has no relevance to the present. Besides bringing into focus tactics and battlefield strategy and the socio-economic conditions of that era, the magazine also touches on the repercussions of the lauded internal war on the present.

Some of the regular sections of the magazine include Civil War Today, which touches on the latest news from the Civil War community; Turning Points, which highlights decisive shifts during the war; My War, which features actual letters, diaries and memoirs of soldiers; In Their Footsteps, which showcases battlefield tour guides and points of interest, Gallery, which spotlights a profile of a reader’s Civil War ancestor, and several others.

Although founded way back in 1962, Civil War Times has stood the test of time, evolved and is now available in digital format. It can be downloaded to various platforms including iPad, Mac, PC and Android. Subscribe now and enjoy 17% savings off the Newsstand Price.


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