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clash ipad magazine digital magazines subscriptionClash iPad Magazine & Digital Magazine Subscription – Multi award winning UK magazine Clash has been added to our list of digitalCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar magazine subscriptions. With your subscription you’ll receive twelve digitized issues that you can view on anything from PCs and Macs to iPads and Androids. Clash is an extremely popular fashion and music publication that concentrates on the effects music and fashion have on our culture. The musical focus is generally on modern bands such as The Horrors and Florence & The Machine or hip hop artists like Kanye West and the Beastie Boys. Bands are often portrayed on the cover. Along with music and fashion, Clash often delves into the worlds of film and technology as well. Each month you’ll have access to movie, music and gadget reviews and interviews with bands and key people in the music and fashion industries. You’ll always receive the latest features and reports on artists and bands which include lyrics, reviews, DVDs, interviews and even exclusives from some of your favorite singers and bands. Clash is well designed and has high quality photographs of the stars you know and love. So if you want to start discovering new bands and learning little known facts about old ones, join Clash in the never ending quest to find great new music and fashion.

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