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Classic Scooterist Scene ipad magazine digital subscriptionClassic Scooterist Scene Magazine iPad and Digital Subscription – Scooter enthusiasts have come together to create Classic ScooteristCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar Scene, a digital magazine subscription that covers anything and everything scooters. This magazine is perfect for anyone who rides scooters, collects them, races them, restores them or is just a scooter enthusiast. Readers are always kept up to date on scootering events and updates in the scene. Readers will also gain access to scooter classifieds, read showcases on different classic scooters from history, peruse photos of scooters from history, read interviews and profiles on some of the legends in the scene and read and share their thoughts with other readers.

Inside every issue you’ll get regular features like Mau’s Comment where Mau gives his personal take on what’s going on in the scooter scene and in Classic Scooterist Scene magazine; Raiders of the Lost Archives, Rallies and Rideouts where you’ll find event pictures and information, Scooter Clubs in which you’ll receive a guide for contacting local scooter clubs in your area, Club Profiles which showcases a couple scooter clubs each month, Mailbox where readers can express their views and share photos of their scooters and Scooterist Nostalgia that goes back to the old days of scootering and tells memories of the past.

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