Climbing iPad Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Check Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling Climbing is not just a piece of Americana representing the world of scaling heights from rocks to mountains, to icy crags, but a map of what climbing is all about. Because of its assortment of all kinds of climbing fetes in compelling language spiced with human interest anecdotes, it has come to rank among the definitive guides on the planet on the art of taming the vertical milieu of the terrestrial. Climbing is also ultimately tied to its photographic spreads, which have amassed awards that pit men against rock. In current issue, there is an imposing cover page picture featuring a praying mantis-thin reddish shape of a human being, in sheer relief against the dark, grayish-brown, gigantic boulder that dwarfs him. It is this kind of accurately poignant representation that makes the journal a treat for the climber with the guts of steel. For places to exploit as a budding Everest’s, Andes’ or Alps’ climber, then the online version of Climbing is a ripe place to start.

All 10 editions of the previous twelve months come at a discount of 50% off the standard price. The magazine is available digitally on such platforms as iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android and PC subscriptions.

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