CommonWealth Magazine iPad Digital Subscription

commonwealth magazine ipad digital subscriptionCommonwealth Magazine iPad Digital Subscription – Popular Taiwanese business magazine, Common Wealth, is the go to guide forCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar anything and everything Eastern. Each week you will receive one of 52 total digital issues. We’re offering this digital magazine subscription at a savings of 59% off the newsstand cost. As you download each of these issues to your Mac, iPad, Android or PC, you will uncover little known facts such as how China’s breakneck pace of growth is hiding serious deficiencies, how Taiwan’s new cabinet of conservative technocrats and potential loose cannons plan to deliver the “people’s economy” that they promised and what Export oriented Taiwan plans to do to keep its 2012 GDP growth above 4 percent. Along with the educational articles in Common Wealth, you’ll find a pleasing mix of entertainment as well. For example, you’ll follow the life of a married businessman who shares his confessions of life on the road and how it affects his marriage. Read about sports stars that came from the East such as Jeremy Lin, find out about the booming hospitality trade in Taiwan, get business tips from experts describing how to climb the ladder at your workplace, and much more!


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