Computer Music Specials iPad Magazine Subscription

computer music specials ipad magazine subscriptionComputer Music Specials Digital & iPad Magazine Subscription – Start creating, producing, sampling and recording your own music right onCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar your computer with a digital magazine subscription to Computer Music Specials. Every two months you’ll receive a new digital issue that is packed with all sorts of music topics. You’ll learn about things like expert production techniques, how to sample, which helpful software will suit your needs, gear and software explanations and budget friendly gear recommendations, which sequencers are the best and how to use them, and tips about how to break into the music industry. Regardless of your favorite genre of music, be it DJing, playing guitar or singing, Computer Music Specials is here to help you achieve your musical dreams. No matter what your level of expertise is, this digital magazine is prepared to help you become the best. With their gear essentials, fundamental step by step tutorials on everything from composition and building beats to recording guitars or vocals and arranging or mixing tracks, special projects such as how to produce electro house, hip hop or metal tracks, simple guides for how to do sampling, synthesis and effects, and much more, Computer Music Specials is your go to guide for computer music.


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