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constructech magazine ipad digital magazine subscriptionConstructech Magazine iPad & Digital Magazine Subscription and download. Learn all about the technology that construction personnelCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar need to drive their initiatives forward with Constructech magazine! The demand for construction related technology is bouncing back after the slump the recent financial crisis caused. Serious construction firms need to take a look at the current tech solutions they are using. Constructech knows that the right partners can evolve your company, and they are here to help. Inside each issue you’ll read articles like “Redefining Workflow with BIM (building information modeling),” “Keeping an “I” on Project Delivery: the real impact of IPD on the people, processes, and technology used on the job” and “Tech to Track Details” which covers the ongoing new design and construction of the Oregon public transportation service.

You’ll be familiarized with key business concepts such as collaboration and managing technology. Constructech covers all aspects of the construction industry including commercial, residential, infrastructure, and heavy construction (e.g. roads, bridges, dams, etc.). Don’t risk losing money and employees by sticking to some out of date, unwritten guidelines. Get with the times and stay abreast of the current industry trends with Constructech!

Begin your digital magazine subscription today and save 58% off the newsstand price. This subscription consists of 8 issues that are viewable on your PC, Mac, Android and iPad.

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