Cross Country Travel Guide 2012/13 Paragliding iPad magazine subscription

cross country travel guide paragliding ipad magazine subscriptionThe Cross Country Travel Guide 2012/13 is the paraglider and hang glider pilot’s resource for finding the best flying sites all around the globe.Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar This guide, now available as a digital magazine subscription for your iPad or Android, provides readers with all the information they could possibly need about the top 20+ paragliding and hang gliding spots. The best pilots in the sport such as Jocky Sanderson, Godfrey Wenness and Steve Ham are ready and willing to give you their expert advice and opinions plus some invaluable insight into these particular launch sites.

When the folks at Cross Country Travel Guide decided to publish this, the first question they asked themselves was, “If a pilot had a year off, unlimited funds, and an open ticket, where would they go? What would they do? What sort of flying would they get?” With that question in mind, this inspirational and informative guide was born. In addition to the valuable insights and expert advice, you’ll also be awed by the beautiful aerial photography. Now you can create your perfect year of flying too! Plan your world tour from the Brazilian outback to the Alps, the deserts of Australia to the flats in Spain. They’re all covered in this year’s Cross Country Travel Guide.

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