Cycling Fitness Magazine iPad and Digital Magazine Subscription

cycling fitness ipad magazine subscription and digital editionCycling Fitness iPad Magazine and Digital Magazine Subscription – Get inspired to get fit with a digital magazine subscription to CyclingCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar Fitness magazine. Its informative features and friendly advice will help you keep active and avoid going into a state of hibernation. Full of easily followed training schedules and plans, tips for riding, suggestions on which foods to eat to fuel your body for riding and tons of ideas on how to stay in good shape by riding your bike. Get technique tips like how to eat, sleep and stretch your way to faster recovery and also discover new gym toys and tools that are especially for cyclists. Each month you’ll get tips about how to lose weight, research on things like how to prevent muscle soreness with ginger, articles about topics such as why winter is the best time to train and how to take your riding to the next level. Plus you’ll have access to training plans from “Great for Beginners” and “Faster in 7 Hours or Less a Week” to “Get Race Fit for 2011” and “How to Get More Out of your Long Rides.” Nutrition information can also be found in the pages of Cycling Fitness. Read about rides that are designed to burn fat, learn about portion control and what makes a healthy snack, and discover recipes for delicious veggie foods for athletes.

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