Cycling Plus Magazine iPad and Digital Magazine Subscription

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cycling plus magazine ipad digital subscriptionCycling Plus iPad Magazine and Digital Magazine Subscription – Here is the digital magazine for “anyone who appreciates the extreme efforts ofCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar time-trialing, the freedom of touring, the cut and thrust of commuting and the sheer joy of just being out on the road.” Cycling Plus covers new developments in the world of UK cycling and reviews and tests all sorts of bikes and gear. This is a wonderful cycling publication for everyday cyclists. The content is well rounded and covers everything from racing and touring to commuting and mountain biking. Cycling Plus doesn’t just focus on how to make you faster or how to get you to buy the most expensive carbon bike on the market. Most of the equipment tests they perform are geared for average people who are trying to be budget conscious. Cycling Plus is packed with honest but opinionated gear reviews, great bike tests and an extremely helpful and practical question and answer section. This publication also covers bike accessories, riding technique, and nutrition and health for riding no matter what your level of expertise is. Also get a glimpse into the problems that cyclists deal with concerning traffic and cycling laws, and also how the UK is dealing with commuters taking their bikes on trains. You’ll even find detailed maps and route descriptions.

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