Cycling Weekly for iPad Digital Magazine Edition

Cycling Weekly Digital MagazineCycling Weekly for iPad Digital Magazine Subscription Cycling Weekly is the UK’s only weekly special interest magazine focusing on the cyclingCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar market. It is the best source of breaking international and UK news, race reportage, reliable fitness advice, trustworthy product reviews and inspirational features for British cyclists. Always a great read, Cycling Weekly inspires you to ride your bike more! A great cycling magazine for the iPad. This magazine has certainly helped me fight the lazyness of being inside too long, inspired me to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and good weather (If its raining now, it’s not going to melt you!) – anyway, you’ll find you only need to read a couple of articles before your feet start to itch and you need to get on your bike and pedal off into the sunset! Get outside! Now also available as an Android Magazine!

Cycling Weekly Magazine is available as a digital subscription for iPad, Android, MAC and PC as well as Android, Windows 7, RIM, Web OS, iOS and AIR.

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