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Delicious Magazine iPad Digital Subscription EditionEveryone know the best part of vacation is trying new foods! But why wait until you take that vacation to sample new cuisines. If you love watching cookingCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar shows, trying new recipes and perusing the pots and pans and kitchen utensils you’ll love Delicious magazine. Delicious magazine features the latest in cooking from the top chefs in the industry to the newest cooking tools and recipes. You’ll find everything you want to know about food.

In each issue you’ll find tips and recipes from some of Britain’s best chefs including: Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Nigella Lawson, Simon Rimmer, Angela Hartnett, Tom Norrington-Davies and Jill Dupleix among others. You’ll also find new how-to’s in each month’s edition. Whether you are new to cooking, a veteran, have very little time to cook or all day to spend in the kitchen, you’ll find recipes and ideas that are tailored to your lifestyle.

Each issue of the magazine also includes recommended wines to pair with your meals. You can find wines for every day dining or for that special event. You’ll also get reviews on the newest cooking tools. And what would a good meal be without the freshest ingredients? You’ll find interviews with the people who spend their time growing your favorite fruits, vegetable and grains. You’ll also get a behind the scenes look at the people who produce, cook and serve your food! Each issue Delicious features different people from the cooking industry and gives you a unique look at the lifestyle.

With 12 tasty issues of Delicious magazine you never have to cook a boring dinner again. Delicious is available in print or via download to your Android phone, computer or iPad.

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