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Dive Pacific iPad Digital Magazine SubscriptionSome people enjoy lying on the beach, feeling the waves brush against their toes. Others enjoy riding the waves on a surfboard, boogie board orCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar sail boat. And then there are the adventurers who find a thrill in the colors of underwater plants, the coolness of the water surrounding them, looking up and not seeing sunlight, swimming with fish and feeling a part of a different world. There is a wide-variety of diving from cave to deep sea. No matter which you prefer, Dive Pacific will be a great addition to your reading library. In each issue you’ll find interviews with dive experts, fellow reader stories and tips.

Published bi-monthly, each issue is filled with amazing photography and dozens of articles and features about the most recent diving news and adventures. You’ll find articles about dive sites, dive safety, exotic locations and the latest in diving gear. You’ll also find tips on the latest in the fishing and boating industry as well as articles featuring free diving, spear fishing, boating tests and training news. Dive Pacific reports on diving accidents, new policies as well as conservation issues.

Dive Pacific covers all types of diving including cave diving, wreck -diving, technical diving and deep- sea diving. You’ll find tips, requirements and vacation recommendations. With six issues a year available for download to your computer, Android phone or iPad you can take your magazine with you on the go and never miss another moment of underwater adventure.

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