Dog’s Life iPad Magazine Subscription & Digital Download

Dogs Life ipad magazine subscriptionBe your dog’s best friend with Dog’s Life magazine! This heartwarming publication is all about increasing the quality of life for your furry friend. AsCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar big advocates of shelter adoptions and rescue dogs, Dog’s Life is sure to tug at your heart strings even as it imparts valuable information to you about dogs on everything from diet and exercise to doggy day care and traveling with pets. Once you begin your digital magazine subscription, you will receive 4 digital issues of Dog’s Life per year delivered directly to the device of your choice including iPads and Android devices.

Delve into the world of agility training with your dog in articles like “The Fastest Growing Dog Sport in America.” Get your pooch more fit after reading “Flabby to Fit: Getting your dog in shape can add many quality years to his life.” Join in on the continuing debate over pit bulls with features such as “Canine Profiling: Maryland lawmakers putting pit bulls at risk.” And ensure your dog has a happy, healthy summer with great health advice like that found in “Tick Bites: Prevention, removal and treatment.” Start your digital magazine subscription now and kick off the dog days of summer with knowledge on your side.


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