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Domus Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarDomus is the Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlinginternational authority when it comes to architecture, interior, design and art dedicated to providing art information and inspiration for architects, designers, industry professionals, and students. This bilingual publication has articles that are printed both in English and Italian with content, form and distribution that are meant for the international market.

Each issue is a wellspring of the latest news to keep the readers updated with the latest trends and developments in the art scene, as well as a treasure trove of industry information that helps art professionals heighten their understanding. Features focus on eclecticism and sensibility for new trends.

Some of the content in the latest issue include: Swimming Into the Landscape; The Nationalist Library; The Sublime is Now; Engineering and Tradition: Architecture Reincarnated: Journal; Rebuilding Communities; The Metabolist Routine; Social Sustenance; House in Chayagasaka; New Art Maps; Kitchens; Panorama; Twin’Z Concept Car (In Lovegrove with Renault) Padiglione Crepaccios (Venice Art Biennale Edition); and more.

Founded in 1928, Domus has stood the test of time and is now also digitally available. Published 11 issues a year, it can be downloaded using various platforms, including iPad, Android, Mac and PC.


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