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Drum Hair Magazine iPad Digital SubscriptionIt’s the bane of your existence or your best friend. This same friend can turn on you in a rainstorm or when the weather gets muggy. Sometimes itCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar cooperates and other times it rebels in with all of its glory and nothing on this earth will hold it into place: Your hair. You either hate it or you love it. Most of the time, it’s a little of both. If your hair is weighing more heavily on the enemy side of the line, Drum Hair is a magazine just for you. This special edition of Drum magazine is geared toward black women who want something new to do with their hair.

This special edition of the magazine includes over 116 pages of tips, photos, tricks and insiders secrets to getting your hair to do what you want, at least most of the time. With over 300 hairstyles included, you’re sure to find something that fits your busy schedule and your personality.

In Drum Hair you’ll find interviews with celebrities including: Thembi Seete. You’ll get an insider’s look at your favorite celebrity’s secrets and tips to elegant hair styles. Find out who the hairstylists of the stars are and how they make hair look so good.

You’ll discover the latest trends, tips to maintaining your hair, tricks to creating a low-maintenance hairstyle that will last more than one day and ideas for everyday wear, evening out looks and even formal styles.

Drum Hair is available in print of by download to your computer, Android Phone and iPad. Take your digital copy with you the next time you hit the salon and you can go with confidence that you have a new look you’re happy with.

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